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Welcome to Fountain Falls Goldendoodles! What began as a hobby has become my passion. As a

lifelong dog lover, owner, breeder, and trainer, I take great care in the puppies I breed for you. Laid-back temperaments, trainability, intelligence, health and low shedding are only a few of the reasons I choose to breed Goldendoodles.  For the latest updates on when litters are expected go to available puppies  All of our dogs are of course health tested.  They all have “good” hips with the exception of Maggie, Sweet Magnolia, and Hildi who have Excellent hips.  For a list of all health testing please refer to the parent page.

All puppies are born and raised in our home, on a mountain-top “farm” in North Western South Carolina. From an early age, the puppies will be playing with just about everything: my 9 grandchildren,  chickens, guineas, cats, and goldfish. These pups will be ready for anything. I stay current with the latest research on care, breeding and training.  I stay in contact with other premium breeders, attend goldendoodle and breeder conferences and stay  current with information on food, raising happy healthy puppies, issues and concerns. I attended the 2014 Goldendoodle Association conference in Asheville and  learned the latest is breeding and medical concerns. We have a puppy raising protocol that is evolving and changing as we continue to research  and experience the best way to prepare our puppies for families and service work. All parents of Fountain Falls puppies are fully tested and registered with GANA, Golden Doodle Association of North America. Testing results are available for review. Just recently my daughter Neelie has moved to Greenville and is breeding and raising  Goldendoodles under her and Steve Smith’s new name  River Falls Goldendoodles. has been a part of Fountain Falls Goldendoodles from the beginning and as such you can expect the same attention to detail from River Falls.

Fountain Falls is not a kennel or a professional breeding compound. It is our home that we share with our dogs.  All Fountain Falls dogs are pets. Although dog breeding and training has always been part of my life, it wasn't until I retired from 32 years of teaching that I was able to pursue it seriously.  Since being introduced to goldendoodles it has become a passion of mine to produce the healthiest best tempered goldendoodle puppies possible.  My acceptance to GANA and Premium Breeders Association  is evidence of my dedication to this breed.  My Bachelor of Science degree prepared me to utilize the science of genetics, understand the  importance of DNA and other medical testing and practice scientific breeding practices needed to breed healthy well tempered dogs with the look you want.  My 32 years of teaching special needs children has given me the background, experience and empathy to help you choose this most important new member of your family. Many Fountain Falls bred doodles are serving their families as therapy and service dogs and as valuable companions to special needs family members. Families with special needs hold a place in my heart and I do all that I can to find just the right puppy for them.. 

Fountain Falls Goldendoodles is conveniently located within a few hours driving distance from  Atlanta, GA ; Charlotte, NC ; Chattanooga, TN ; Greenville, SC ,Columbia SC ,Charleston SC and Asheville, NC. We do not ship but offer personal Nanny transport service.

Please take a moment and look around the site. There are lots of pictures of Fountain Falls puppies of the past as well as the most recent   litter. You can also read my take on raising the puppies in my goldendoodle blog. There is a lot of information about Goldendoodles in general, the Goldendoodle parents, and my purchasing policy as well as my health guarantee to help make your decision a little easier.

If you are interested in adopting one of our pups, please fill out a puppy application .  I will contact you after reviewing you application.  Please read our pricing, review our conditions of sale and our contract. By familiarizing yourself with this website you will be able to make a more informed decision.  If I do not have what you want I will refer you to another GANA breeder.  It is my goal to make sure you get the doodle of your dreams.

A Warm Welcome

Meet Fountain Falls Frisco.  A multigen mini goldendoodle from Cliberdoodles. 9lbs!Frisco.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0




St. Hildegard of Fox Creek Farms Hildi/Soren pups 3/22
Multigen mini goldendoodle 18 lbs.Hildi.htmlUpcoming_litters.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1


Planned litters for 2014-2015

Thank you for your interest in Fountain Falls Goldendoodles. There is lots of information and pictures on this web site.  Please look around.  For specific planned litters, click on the Upcoming Litters above. Standard, medium and mini litters planned.

Soren and Willow are Honeymooning!!  Small to medium size litter due mid July. 30-45 pounds. Click above on upcoming litters for pictures and other information. Please read site information and fill out a puppy application. If you need information not on site or you have filled out an application and haven’t heard from me please call. Medium litter due July 15. 706-491-6464

Proud Blue Ribbon member of

GANA  Check them out at

Petite min goldendoodle Friso/Chloe puppies

May 22

Soren is our newest stud .He is a 30 pound English Multigen.  Available for stud to approved

Willow is a medium sized cream f1b.